New Generation NFT Project : OWLOPER

A new generation NFT Project that will evolve into a DAO, aiming to earn its investors in the medium-long term.

NFT Projects are generally perceived as selling and trading JPG files. But this time we want to tell you about Owloper, which is a very different NFT project.

The name of the Owloper collection comes from those mysterious owls, as well as the names of developers, artists, and collectors who work at nights as mysterious as them. So, they are you! It describes the people who are aware of the change and will take their place in a new world!

It is basically a system based on the generation of new owls with the artificial intelligence module working in the background from the DNA of unique NFT owls. This seems to make the collection really valuable.

NFT holder will win!

Collectors who do not sell their NFTs post-Mint will start rewarding them with Owl Tokens daily. In fact, the NFTs you will receive is not just a classic JPEG file. When the DAO and Council modules are activated, NFT owners will have a voice in the community. Thus, Owloper NFT owners will actually have a say in the management of a new generation Blockchain initiative.

New BabyOwlopers can be created!

Until now, when you bought an NFT, the only profit you could make from it was to sell it at a higher price But Owloper allows you to breed new baby Owlopers with the Owloper Incubator if you have more than one Owloper NFT. Thus, while holding your own NFTs in your hand, you will be able to generate new baby Owloper NFTs and sell them in the marketplace to be created. This turns Owloper into a real NFT investment platform. Of course, it seems quite logical to buy an even number of NFTs from Owloper, as your own NFTs will already be valued over time.

Make new combinations with different collections

Owloper has already started collaborations with many collections. For example, you have an NFT from Babygangs. You also have an Owloper NFT. By combining these two different collections in the incubator system, you will be able to produce a new hybrid NFT type.

The Game is coming

Owloper doesn’t stop there. You will also be able to use the NFTs you have on the playground. You will be able to participate in hunting missions in the Owloper Game with the Owloper Babies you get by breeding your Owlopers.

Owloper has a strong team on the blockchain. The development team consisting of 5 full-stack developers is supported by 1 artist and 1 UI/UX designer. Behind the project is a team of 11 people, consisting of positions such as strategist, global product manager, community manager, and communication manager.

Aims to support the ecosystem

In addition to being a collection feature of the project, it comes with rich utilities. The most striking of these is the Launchpad and Academy sections. Thanks to these sections, it promises a community that will support and educate designers and programmers. The Owloper DAO, it is aimed to leave the project management completely to the community in 2023.

It will move forward with Avalanche support

The Owloper project will run on the Avalanche C-Chain network. The Owloper project has set the date of April 28, 2022, as the mint date. The project, which will be released with a unit price of 1.25 AVAX, is announced to NFT enthusiasts. To reach the Owloper website you can visit the website and take a look at the White-paper of the project.

Website :
Discord : owloper
Twitter : @owloper

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